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HEALTHWAVE REVELATION offers a science-based, cutting-edge approach to empower people to take charge of their health by eating more plant-based whole foods and living a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition plays an integral role in health. A whole food plant-based lifestyle is the longest studied and most scientifically proven way to prevent and often reverse heart disease, diabetes type 2, autoimmune disease, cancers, allergies, asthma, depression, anxiety and more. These foods support our gut microbiome and most of all our liver, slow the aging process, help us reach and maintain a healthy weight, and make us feel good.

Are you confused about how to get healthy or discouraged about maintaining optimal health for life because you find it difficult to do? Whether you are curious, new to plant-based nutrition or ready to jump all in, WELCOME to a healthier you! Learn simple and effective solutions including meal prep ideas and delicious healthy substitutions, and gain additional resources to ease your way into this healthy path for life.

*The services on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition. It is not a substitute for the advice, treatment and/or diagnosis of a qualified licensed professional. 




Educational Workshops

Experience the most powerful way to improve and protect your health for a lifetime with whole food plant-based lifestyle one-hour workshops.

  • Learn how adding more plant-based whole foods to your diet can fight heart disease, cancer and diabetes type 2. It can balance your immune system, help you gain more energy, achieve a healthy weight/BMI, and support mental health.

  • Become an expert in choosing delicious healthy substitutions, and meal and snack prep no matter where you are. Prepare your home to support healthy living.

  • Take home tools, solutions and resources about the longest studied, most scientifically proven way to optimize health and feed your microbiome. 

*Food sampling can be added to this workshop.

Health Coaching

Gain insights into why we need more plant foods in our diet every day and how to easily implement this in your life. This short-term yet powerful program includes a personal assessment to help you reach your health goals, educational workshops, a home pantry make-over, grocery store shopping preparation and tour, meal and snack prep demo and ideas, and more resources to continue your journey easily and successfully.

Corporate Wellness

Promote and support employee well-being! Through these workshops on the power of a whole food plant-based lifestyle, employees will learn:

  • Simple, affordable, convenient ways to protect and maintain good health both mentally and physically, including balancing the immune system.

  • How to fight heart disease, diabetes type 2, cancers, Alzheimer's and more.

  • How to improve mental clarity, increase productivity, reduce healthcare costs, decrease absenteeism, improve retention, and improve employee relations.  

Engage in powerful one-hour workshops, with or without food sampling. Experience the amazing benefits and how delicious it is to add more plant-based whole foods to the diet every day. Continue this journey with employee plant-based potlucks or food competitions!

About Me...

Hello and welcome! My name is Charlene Correia, and I am the founder of HEALTHWAVE REVELATION. I am Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition with T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell, have a Certificate of Participation with PlantPure Communities Master Class in Plant-Based Clinical Nutrition and I am a Certified Health and Wellness Coach with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.

My passion is to spread awareness about the powerful impact of a whole food plant-based lifestyle on health. Only about 5% of doctors are trained in nutrition. However, food is medicine, and it is the most important element to preventing and often reversing diseases and cancers, and optimizing good health mentally and physically.

How I got started

Throughout the years I studied many different diets and had a fascination with how food can literally change your health. But I found that every diet had side effects and then a new trend would come along. It was confusing and still is for so many. In 2012, I became mostly vegetarian as eating meat did not agree with me. I began living a more holistic lifestyle, using clean skin care and cleaning products, and learning stress management techniques. In 2013, two different doctors advised me to watch my cholesterol, bring down my BMI, and that I had symptoms of hyperthyroidism. The doctors recommended exercise, a low-fat diet, with possibly some medicine in my future. I became more confused as I thought I was living such a healthy lifestyle. I limited my animal fat intake but still had no improvements in my health.

In 2014, I was introduced to a whole food plant-based lifestyle and the impact of animal food on health, the environment and animal cruelty. Being a nutrition nerd, animal lover, and lost in my own health, I said, “This is it!” Little did I realize that over the next few years, I would discover the most powerful things a person could find: a passion, a purpose, and a mission.

The science behind it

I dove first into the health aspect. For me, it wasn’t about being “vegan” as that can be unhealthy too (there are many processed vegan foods). It was about a WHOLE FOOD PLANT-BASED LIFESTYLE. The long-term studies and science behind this lifestyle are astonishing. The state of health in the U.S. is declining at a rapid rate with most people eating meat, dairy, and processed foods. The added pesticides, hormones, GMOs, artificial colors, flavorings (and more) are eaten at the risk of our own health. Animals not eating what nature intended, the cruelty they endure and the effects on our health when animal food is eaten are astounding. Finally, there is the environment. Climate change is real and animal agriculture has a lot to do with it.

Putting it to the test

I continued reading books and watching lectures from science-based, plant-based doctors, connecting with whole food plant-based communities, watching films and taking cooking classes. I stopped eating dairy, fish, eggs and chicken. Cheese was the last thing. Here is the kicker, the plant foods taste amazing! I dropped 20 pounds to a healthy weight, my BMI went back to normal and no more thyroid issues. I was healing. I was feeling good and my energy was amazing.

The power of food

I discovered that food can reverse heart disease and diabetes type 2, fight cancer, lower cholesterol, build a strong immune system and so much more. Not to mention, eating more sustainable foods can decrease animal cruelty and help the earth. I wondered why more people didn’t know about this. How could something so powerful that could help so many causes, especially our own health, not be made public? At that moment I made it my mission to empower others to take back their health by sharing this scientifically proven information.


I continued my education. I began writing curricula for classes and developed a unique, short-term whole food plant-based health coaching program. HEALTHWAVE REVELATION was born.

I now teach educational workshops online with TEACHABLE, and both virtually and in person in local adult schools, libraries, senior centers and community organizations. I partner with corporations to conduct educational workshops and lunch-and-learn sessions with employees. I also work with individuals, small friend groups and families.


Adding more plant-based whole foods to your lifestyle is simple, effective and an integral component for optimal health.

Email today (HealthwaveRevelation@gmail.com) to learn how my workshops and coaching can guide you on a successful health journey for life!


Healthy Living Partners


Grow Your Own Food with a Tower Garden

Save time, money and resources by growing your own food! The Tower Garden:

  • Can grow indoors or out.

  • Offers several fruits, vegetables and herbs to choose from.

  • Increases yields up to 30% and grows 3x faster than conventional gardening.

  • Is easy to assemble.

  • Uses 90% less water.

  • Delivers to your door.

100% organic and 100% quality nutrients

Order a Tower Garden here

Fitness Simplified

The Perfect Workout is a one-on-one personal training strength training company. Slow motion strength training is an efficient strength training for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle but struggles with finding the time to stay fit. Unlike most exercise methods that require long hours in the gym, results are guaranteed in just 20 minutes, twice per week! Offering friendly, highly trained and knowledgeable trainers, The Perfect Workout delivers a superior, personalized experience in studio or virtually.

In studio:




Learn How to Cook Delicious Plant-Based Recipes

Katie's Healing Kitchen is a plant based cooking school focused on using food as medicine in a fun, delicious and accessible way. With a whole curriculum of online cooking classes, she teaches in person and virtual cooking classes and corporate demos. Katie has also published a cookbook "Katie's Healing Kitchen" with over 100 gluten-free, vegan, refined sugar free recipes all focused on making healthy food taste amazing! 


Manage Stress and Find your Calm

Joy Parkes. Meditator. Coach. Runner. Explorer. Entrepreneur. Do gooder.  Dog lover. Joy has been practicing mindfulness meditation for more than 10 years, and is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher  through the Samarasa Center in Los Angeles under the guidance of senior Buddhist teacher David Nichtern. Her greatest fulfilment comes from helping people create long-lasting change from within rather than seeking quick fixes. She would love to connect with you in your amazing life journey!


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